Saturday, August 31, 2013

TTM: Conor Dwyer

Conor Dwyer - 28

The other return I got back on Thursday was from Conor. I actually got three envelopes in the mail, because I had mistakenly sent to Mr Dwyer twice. Conor one Gold in London, he was a member of the 4x200 meter free style relay.

Thanks Conor.

Friday, August 30, 2013

TTM: Tucker Dupree

Tucker Dupree -36

Yesterday I got two successful returns, the first of which was from Tucker Dupree. I enjoy discovering the back stories behind the Paraolympic athletes. It is always amazing to see what they have overcome to compete at the top levels of their games. Mr. Dupree started to lose his vision at age 17 from Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). He eventually lost 70% - 80% of his vision in both eyes. In London Tucker took home 2 Silver and a Bronze medal.

Thanks Tucker.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

TTM: Kari LaRaine Miller

Kari LaRaine Miller - 54

Another return came in yesterday, from Kari Miller. Kari competes in sitting volleyball and is a 2 time silver medalist. She served our country, and was preparing for officer school when a drunk driver hit her car. The driver of the car she was traveling in was killed, and Kari lost both her legs. Kari was active in sports before the accident, and continued after. First competing in wheelchair basketball, and then discovering sitting volleyball. She competed in Beijing and London winning Silver both times.

Thanks Kari

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TTM: Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach - 93

Yesterday we received a TTM success from Abby Wambach. Abby is a two time gold medal winner, 2012 FIFA World player of the year, and she is a five time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the year.

Such an amazing return from an accomplished athlete. We love our Olympic athletes, and continue to be excited with this project.

Thanks Abby

Friday, August 23, 2013

TTM: Garrett Weber-Gale (Silver)

Garrett Weber-Gale - 77 - Silver

When Garrett signed and returned his Olympic hopefuls card, he also signed the Silver version I had sent as well. I really like the silver versions. I wish I had more to send out.

Thanks again Garrett.

TTM: Garrett Weber-Gale

Garrett Weber-Gale - 77

Received a return from Garret Weber-Gale yesterday. Garrett was a member of the Olympic relay team in Beijing, winning two gold medals. Unfortunately he did not qualify for the London games.

One of the more interesting things about Garrett is that he is a "Foodie".

In his youth, Weber-Gale spent so much time in the pool that he never learned so much as how to fry an egg. “Everything would be done for me,” he recalls. “That was nice, but when I got out of college, I had to learn to cook for myself. It was a BIG problem. I moved out of the dorm and was diagnosed with high blood pressure—which is much more common among elite athletes than you would think.” -
 Garrett founded his website, to help bring Health food and fitness to people

Thanks Garrett

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

TTM: Kayla Harrison (Bronze)

Kayla Harrison - 13 - Bronze

When Kayla signed and returned her Olympic hopefuls card, she also signed the Bronze version I had sent as well

Thanks again Kayla.

Monday, August 19, 2013

TTM: Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison - 13

Another Olympic return, this time from Kayla Harrison. This return arrived on Thursday. Kayla is the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in Judo, and currently ranked number one in the world.

Thanks Kayla

Thursday, August 15, 2013

TTM: Hunter Kemper

Hunter Kemper - 81

This card comes in from Hunter Kemper, 4 time Olympic Athlete and 7 time US Elite National Champion. I love the his answer to the question of who he gives credit to (from his website) : "God for giving me my talents, my wife Val for her daily support, my parents for their continual love and encouragement, and to my boys who could care less if I win or lose. "

Thanks Hunter

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TTM: Jessica Long

Jessica Long -65

On Monday we received two more TTM Successes. The first being Jessica Long. Ms. Long is highly decorated. She has competed in the Paralympic games in Athens, Beijing, and London, winning 12 Gold, 3 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals. This is all by the age of 21. Not to mention the fact that she has to overcome obstacles that make it hard for me to even imagine how she does it. At 18 months she had her lower legs amputated due to being born with out ankles, heels and calf bones. I feel guilty even mentioning her disability, because I don't want to make it sound like it discounts her achievements. It is an enhancement on her achievement. I enriches the achievement.

This is one of the reasons why I love the Olympics. The athletes more often than not are what we expect in our athletes. Inspirations, rolemodels, and examples of over coming odds. Looking at Jessica Long, I have to ask myself...

"What's your excuse?"

Thanks Jessica

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TTM: Misty May-Treanor (Games of the XXX Olympiad)

Misty May-Treanor -OLY4

With the base card, Misty sent back the insert card back signed as well. This one is personalized for my oldest son. I love this insert for autographs, but visually I would have liked to see the signature over the blue image. Glad to have this card signed, I am not going to complain about placement.

Thanks Again Misty

TTM: Misty May-Treanor

Misty May-Treanor - 40

Last Friday, we received back a success from Misty May-Treanor. She sent back two cards, the first being her base card personalized for my youngest son Benni. The first attempt to her came back because of a bad address, so this one took a little longer than it could have.

Thanks Misty

TTM: Susan Francia (Bronze)

Susan Francia - 57 - Bronze

When Susan signed and returned her Olympic hopefuls card, she also signed the Bronze version I had sent as well

Thanks again Susan.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

TTM: Susan Francia

Susan Francia - 57

The latest return comes from two time gold medal winner Susan Francia. Susan wrote a really nice letter back to us, expressing her thanks for our support and sent back encouraging words. I love how down to earth the Olympians always seem to be. Go team USA.

Thanks Susan